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Terms & Conditions
Please Follow the Terms and Conditions
  • Each service and labour cost will be covered under the 6-months warranty period.
  • If your device or repair parts show signs of physical damage, software issue, software misuse- your warranty will be void.
  • Similarly, if your device has been serviced by any third party after our repairs, our warranty will not apply.
  • Our warranted repairs will only be presented if your device diagnosis is done by our technicians.
  • If your device is experiencing other issues that were not included in the initial servicing, then extra charges will apply.
  • All repair costs and quotations are subjected to change for all products and services. If changes do come in the initial price quote, the customer will be duly informed.
  • All Returns & Refunds will not apply if the warranty policy is not met, if the warranty has expired, or if you don’t have the receipt.
  • For general repairs, the payment will be accepted after the repair or servicing is complete.
  • All devices send to us for servicing will be withheld with us till we receive all full and final payments.
  • Extra fee will apply for – late invoice payment, late collection of handling fee, postage and shipping handling fee.
  • The turnaround time will always vary for all services. You will have approximately 30 days to collect your device after its repairs. If not then an additional fee will apply.
  • Also if you have not collected your device after repair/service within 90 days, then that device will be considered surrendered and will go for recycling.
For any other queries; you can always speak to us directly and have all your questions answered instantly.